"Marriage-made-easy" - that is our slogan. Simple explanations, transparent prices, no payment in advance. We show you a fast, non-bureaucratic and inexpensive way you can get married in Denmark. Through personal experience we know which difficulties come up when one wants to get married in Germany. In 2002 Karsten could marry his Kenyan wife only in Denmark. This experience led him in 2003 to set up the agency marriage-made-easy, jointly with Victoria. Our successful concept has already convinced over 8,000 couples, as you can see in our references.
You can choose between our Express-Marriage (540 €), with a maximum of 1 day stopover in Denmark and our secure chauffeur service (1.290 € or 1.790 €). We offer fast processing times, without surcharge for appointments at a short notice. With us, you only pay when we successfully provide you with a wedding date.

How does our concept work? 

It is based on the simplified Danish marriage law in combination with European law, which allows for all EU citizens and Non-EU citizen to marry in all Member States of the European Union. In Denmark there is no requirement of a certificate of no impediment to marriage from the country of origin.
However, since 01.01.2019 there are decisive changes. Through a new law, the Danish government wants to take action against "sham marriages". The examination of the documents is no longer carried out by the respective registry offices, but by a central authority. The newly created Agency for Family Law checks the documents and issues a Danish certificate of marital status. The examination of the documents takes 1 to 3 weeks. Only with this document can the respective registry office assign an appointment for the marriage. The Agency for Family Law can refuse a marriage on justified suspicion of a "sham marriage", demand additional documents and ask the couple for an interview. The fee for the examination of the documents is 260, - €, due in advance. There will be no refunded of the fee if the marriage is rejected. So-called "sham marriages" are therefore no longer possible in Denmark.

What documents are required?

For a marriage in Denmark, you only need the following documents:

  • Passport or EU identity card (all pages of the passport must be scanned, in good quality, including the blank pages, also the outside)
  • Proof of marital status:
    All persons living in Germany or in the EU must submit a residence certificate with marital status. In Germany, this is the "residence certificate with marital status" (Aufenthaltsbescheinigung mit Familienstand), available at the registration office.
    All other persons who are tourists in Germany or the EU must obtain this proof in their home country. This document needs to be legalized in the home country. A certificate from the respective embassy in Germany or the EU can also be submitted.
  • if applicable, final decree of divorce; Divorce decree outside the EU must be legalized
  • birth certificates of common children

Who can use our service?

All people who are legally resident in Germany or the EU can marry in Denmark, with the exception of asylum seekers and foreigners who are only legally "tolerated" in Germany.

Is a marriage contracted in Denmark recognised in Germany?

Marriages contracted in Denmark are immediately recognised in Germany. This is confirmed by both the Federal Office of Administration and the German Embassy in Copenhagen. Due to a document agreement between Germany and Denmark, the Danish marriage certificate is immediately recognised here. However, German authorities may still require the marriage certificate to be legalised by means of an apostille. The Apostille stamp can only be carried out by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen.

Are same-sex marriages possible in Denmark?

Since 2012, also same-sex couples can marry in Denmark. The couples need the same documents as all other couples. We cannot say to what extent same-sex marriage is recognized in the respective home countries of the couples.

What is the procedure?

Just send us by email or by mail the necessary documents along with the completed forms which you can easily download in the download area. We only need copies of your documents, the originals will be provided when you appear at the registry office. We countercheck your documents for accuracy and forward them to the Danish Agency for Family Law. After approximately 1 to 3 weeks, we will receive a confirmation from them whether the documents are complete and whether you can marry in Denmark. After this we reserve your desired wedding day at one of our partner registry offices in Denmark. Only when we have received the appointment confirmation from there, we will send you the invoice for our service. After receiving the payment, we will send you a service package with all other information, such as a process and travel description and hotel and restaurant recommendations. Our service fee is only payable in case of success. For more information, please see our terms and conditions.

Where in Denmark does the marriage take place?

Our partner registry offices are located both on the mainland and on islands in the Danish Baltic Sea. Which registry office is suitable for you depends on the capacities there and on your scheduling flexibility.

In which language must the documents be provided?

All documents must be in either Danish, English or German. Documents in other languages must be translated into one of the three languages by an official translator. The wedding itself is also in Danish, English or German. All other languages require an interpreter, which you’ll have to provide.

Are there any additional costs?

In addition to our service charge you have to expect the following costs:

  • trip to Denmark, it may be necessary that you have to use a ferry
  • cost of accommodation in Denmark
  • charge of the Danish state administration; the current fee is 1.800 Danish kroner, the equivalent of about 260,- €

Important: After providing you with the necessary information and confirming the wedding date, you are responsible for compliance of the appointment.

Do you have any further questions?

Then you will either find answers here or call us or send us an e-mail.