Frequently Asked Questions

  • We co-operate with several registry offices in Denmark. They are situated on the mainland of Denmark as well as on islands in the Baltic Sea. Your marriage location will depend on the capacity and flexibility of the respective registry office.
  • This varies accordingly. Some registry offices require 2 or 3 days stopover and some require none. Registry offices with 2-3 days pre-stay are located on the mainland, registry offices with only a day or without preliminary stay, are located on islands in the Baltic Sea.
  • In addition to our respective service fee, the registry office in Denmark charges a fee of 870, - DKK (approx. € 118). In addition there will only the cost of transport and accommodation if necessary.
  • Yes, due to the accreditation agreement between Denmark and Germany. Some foreign offices in Germany require however, a legalised Marriage certificate via Apostille from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • You have to personally inquire at the respective embassy in Copenhagen. An address list where the embassies are situated can be obtained from us.
  • Via the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On 01.01.2007 Denmark, signed The Hague-Apostille-Agreement, which necessitates the legalisation of the document only via an Apostille. We can legalise the document for you for a service charge of 120,-Euro.
  • We need your birth certificate, Identity card, confirmation letter from a supervisor, that you are single/divorced. If you are already divorced, we also require a final divorce decree.
  • No, the respective registry office provides you with marriage witnesses free of charge.
  • No, since we are not a travel agency. In addition to an exact route planning you will also get a list of accommodation facilities of the particular place. To book accommodation you just have to call the hotel. Or simply use our PREMIUM OFFER and we are happy to take care of the entire travel and hotel organization.
  • If on the divorce decree has not already been noted that the judgment is final and non-appealable, you need a letter of confirmation from the competent court, which confirms this.
  • The divorce decree should be certified by an Apostille and subsequently translated into German or English.
  • The divorce decree must be certified by the Danish Embassy in Bangkok. In case the divorce decree is from a Thai woman and the document date of issue is less than 310 days, the woman has to bring a medical verification stating that she is not pregnant.
  • Yes, when you legally enter the country and provide all the necessary required documents. You can enter the country with a Schengen-visa.
  • As a tourist you can register yourself in Germany. Persons registered in Germany can obtain a "Aufenthaltsbescheinigung" a proof of address. In the document there is a "family status" sector and if you indicate single, this document is valid as a single verification in some registry offices in Denmark. Unfortunately, not all registry offices acknowledge this document, some demand for a single verification from your home country.
  • Date of issue should not exceed 2 months. Otherwise you you have to apply for a new one.
  • Birth certificate date of issue is not relevant. It is always valid.

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