“Heiraten-leicht-gemacht” ("Marriage-made-easy") must take a break

Under the new conditions for foreign couples to get married in Denmark, valid from 01.01.2019, it is no longer possible for us to offer our service “Heiraten-leicht-gemacht” ("Marriage-made-easy"). We can no longer be held responsible for asking 225, - € from our customers, just to tell them with a high probability that they can NOT marry in Denmark.

After a 3-week trial period (as of the end of January 2019) we can no longer support the non-transparent application process of the Danish State Administration.


The Danish State Administration provides in the internet an incomplete list of required documents. Only after sending the documents and after paying € 225, -, the marriage couples will know which ADDITIONALLY documents they need to deliver. They are asking for example for a marital status document since the age of 18, a document that most couples cannot provide. Unfortunately, under the current conditions, "marriage-made-easy" has become "marriage-made-impossible".


We look back on 16 years of successful work and about 6,000 mediated marriages in Denmark and we hope that the current situation is not long lasting.


The HLG-Team, January 2019